Keep Sedona Beautiful is committed to protect and sustain the scenic beauty and natural environment of Sedona and the Verde Valley

Keep Sedona Beautiful, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is a vehicle for positive change in the greater Verde Valley. Our aim is to preserve the wonder of the  area’s scenic natural beauty now and in the future. Our activities range from education and advocacy to hands-on tasks such as litter lifting and preserving the quality of Oak Creek to maintaining our dark, star-studded night skies.

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Photo by Derek von Briesen



“We Are the Guardians”

2007 All Rights Reserved. Written by Shondra Jepperson as a gift to Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc.
on the occasion of its 35th anniversary of  Preserving the Wonder™.
Performed by Tom & Shondra Jepperson, Produced by Kenny Star and Shondra T. Jepperson, Star Tracks Recording, Sedona, AZ

Video by: Steve Devol

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Outward in the distance
Is a treasured mystery
Down the winding roads that lead you
Through the deep red and the green
As the orange sun is streaming
Through the juniper we see
Are the golden red rock mountains
Watching over you and me.

This must be paradise
Such heavenly land
It’s a privilege to be here
We must always take a stand
To keep the forest and trail sites
And the water pristine
We are the guardians
Of the red rock and the green.

In this ever-changing painting
Roam the coyotes and the deer
While the eagles sail through canyons
There are whispers you may hear
From the ancient ones before us
Urge from plateau to each peak
Keep Sedona Beautiful
From the mountains to the creek.

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