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Rent the Pushmataha Building for your Next Group Meeting or Workshop

KSB Meeting Room with 1450 sq ft of space for 70 to 130 Guests

Room Rental Policy

Among other impacts, the COVID epidemic prompted KSB to reevaluate our room rental policy. Our conclusion is that the use of the room should be focused on activities aligned with our mission. To that end, we welcome the following types of activities: 

  • Environmentally related workshops, meetings, and events
  • Meetings and/or events held by partners of KSB like Sustainability Alliance member groups
  • Environmentally related school events
  • Collaboration sessions among environmentally oriented organizations
  • Candidate forums, as long as topics related to our mission are discussed and all candidates for an office are invited
  • Traveling exhibits related to our mission
  • Use of the building and/or grounds to assist the community in times of emergency

KSB will not be available for parties, purely social gatherings, or any event devoid of an ecological focus aligned with our mission. Consistent with our status as a 501(c)(3), we choose not to rent the room to any candidate or partisan political organization.

1450 sq ft rental space for large groups in Sedona AZ

Keep Sedona Beautiful’s spacious Pushmataha building

Our Space

Keep Sedona Beautiful’s recently remodeled historic Pushmataha building, located at 360 Brewer Road has space available for rent. There is the large 1450 sq ft meeting room and the smaller conference room.  The top-to-bottom project included replacing all lighting and fans, repainting walls, replacing old single-pane windows with energy-efficient double panes, re-carpeting, replacing old wooden room dividers, and procuring 130 new chairs.  We also replaced our aging audio-visual equipment.

Our rooms now seem significantly larger, brighter, and more contemporary.  With improved lighting, ventilation, chairs, and tables, the space is also much more comfortable.  It’s a beautiful and affordable choice for meetings of just about any size.


Our spacious large carpeted Meeting Room holds between 70 – 130 people depending on if tables are used or not.  Audio/visual equipment is available.

With 10 tables and 130 chairs, you can configure our Meeting Room to fit your needs, whether you are expecting a large group for a formal presentation, an interactive workshop, a board meeting, or a small working session.

Our smaller Conference Room accommodates break-out sessions or small group meetings.

The building offers two bathrooms, one ADA equipped.

Kitchen facilities in an adjoining room include a refrigerator, sink, and microwave and are included at no additional charge.

The KSB adjoining grounds, an NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat, contains native plants, garden paths, resting areas, and an outside deck.  There is on-site parking for approximately 35 cars.

Smaller KSB Conference Room

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KSB Green Area

KSB Garden

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If you wish to reserve the Center or for more information, please call the office at 928.282.4938 or email us.



KSB Front Porch

Territorial Front Porch

City of Sedona Landmark No. 15         

View a list of all City of Sedona Historical Landmarks

Our Building in 1960

Harold and Christine Strohm built their Old-West style building and opened “Museum, Et Cetera” to showcase their collection of antiques. 

The Strohms named the building ‘Pushmataha’ after a Choctaw Chief.  It means “He has won all the honors of his race.”  

The building is part of the story of commercial development in Sedona in the 1960s.   

In 1993, then owner Susan Coleman donated Pushmataha to Keep Sedona Beautiful, to preserve the parcel as it is.  


KSB property becomes a Certified Wildlife Habitat!

altThe National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) has selected the property surrounding Keep Sedona Beautiful’s historical Pushmataha building (Sedona Historical Landmark No. 15, located at 360 Brewer Road) as an NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat! To qualify for this prestigious designation, the property must demonstrate an abundance of native plants, trees, available food sources, a water source, cover, and nesting sites, and attract a variety of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, while helping to protect our local environment.

Spearheaded by volunteers Jolene Pierson, Dave Norton, and Bill Pumphrey, the KSB Garden will soon be an outdoor venue for various programs.  KSB applied for the designation as a complement to the current Coleman-Black Garden Project. The vision of this garden also includes pathways, serenity resting areas, and an educational component.

KSB is actively seeking additional donations to fund this project. To learn more or to help us as a volunteer, call Jan or Wendy at 928.282.4938 or email

Who is Pushmataha?

Pushmataha, a Native American Chief of the Choctaw Nation, was a warrior, diplomat, and gifted negotiator.  He effectively confronted a rapidly changing era caused by the ever-expanding European and American presence. In this same spirit of leadership and diplomacy, Keep Sedona Beautiful works to fulfill its mission in the face of an ever-changing cultural and economic landscape.

Painting of Pushmataha by Charles Bird King, 1824

Painting of Pushmataha by Charles Bird King, 1824

Few Choctaws from the early 1800s are better known than Pushmataha. He negotiated several well-publicized treaties with the United States, led Choctaws in support of the Americans during the War of 1812, is mentioned in nearly all histories of the Choctaws, is buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., and, in April 2001, a new Pushmataha portrait was unveiled to hang in the Hall of Fame of the State of Mississippi in the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson, Mississippi. Early twentieth-century ethnologist John Swanton referred to Pushmataha as the greatest of all Choctaw chiefs.
What is known about him suggests that Pushmataha was an exceptional man and charismatic leader. He had deep roots in the ancient Choctaw world, a world characterized by spiritual power and traditional notions of culture. In addition, Pushmataha effectively confronted a rapidly changing era caused by the ever-expanding European and American presence.