The American Southwest is experiencing the worst drought in the past 1,200 years. Coupled with rising temperatures due to climate change and conditions are ripe for wildland fire.

In early 2022 the Tunnel Fire near Flagstaff burned 20,000 acres of National Forest land while the Crooks Fire near Prescott burned nearly 10,000 acres.

Residents of the Verde Valley need to be prepared to take quick action in the event of a fast-moving fire. This is particularly true for areas like the Village of Oak Creek, Cornville, and Sedona where there are limited exit routes.

Take steps now to prepare for seasonal threats, and scroll down for a detailed list of resources.

Tunnel Fire in Flagstaff Arizona

The Tunnel Fire near Flagstaff, Arizona

Keep Sedona Beautiful urges you to:

  • Prepare your home to reduce the chance of fire

  • Sign up for emergency notifications (see below)

  • Know how to monitor events via social media (see below)

  • Have a simple “Go Bag” ready and available

  • Have at least 2 escape routes identified

Current Southwest Fire Danger Map