Keep Sedona Beautiful

Awards of Excellence

Each Year the Keep Sedona Beautiful Awards of Excellence honors individuals, businesses, or organizations that demonstrate outstanding public or commercial architectural design, xeriscaping, lighting, signage, or provide exceptional service to the community. The awards honor those who have most contributed to the mission “To protect and sustain the scenic beauty and natural environment of Sedona and the Verde Valley.”

KSB believes that the scenic beauty of the Verde Valley should be protected and that the built environment should never compete for attention with our natural surroundings, day or night.  Thus, judging for new or redesigned buildings is based on their harmony with the natural environment, beyond what is required by municipal or county regulations. Outdoor lighting, signage, and landscaping are judged by the same standards. Single-family homes are not usually considered for these awards unless there is an exceptional innovation in environmental construction.

Special attention is given to major improvements in existing buildings, lighting, and signage that did not previously conform to these standards. Innovations in environmentally-sensitive buildings, native low-water-use landscaping, and elimination of non-conforming signs are considered as well.

KSB has established the following award categories, and asks our members to nominate individuals, businesses, or organizations who have shown excellence in these areas:

  • Building and Signage Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Community Service
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Dark Sky Lighting
  • Education
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Landscaping
  • Sustainability

To make a nomination for an Award of Excellence, please complete and submit THIS FORM.

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Our first awards were bestowed on November 12, 1972, less than 6 months after our incorporation. We’ve bestowed awards each year since then.

One of our original Goals and Objectives was “To provide appropriate recognition to public-spirited citizens who have done an outstanding job in building design, sign treatment, or landscaping, or who have in any other manner contributed to signal improvement in the physical appearance of the community.