As the Verde Valley grows, it becomes ever-more important to ensure that the growth is planned, responsible and reasonable. Growth is certain to continue, and it is our duty as citizens to help ensure that we do not grow for its own sake. KSB believes that our mission to “protect and sustain the unique scenic beauty and natural environment of Sedona and the Verde Valley” must include initiatives to foster wise use of the land.

This takes many forms, each of which is described below. In the following discussion, you’ll find links to pages that delve into these issues in more detail as well as links to information and resources that you may find valuable.

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Inappropriate Development

Keep Sedona Beautiful supports appropriate and sustainable development but opposes large-scale and damaging development that harms ecological resources and is located in residential areas. Examples of such development proposals that KSB opposes include El Rojo Grande, Spring Creek Ranch, and AutoCamp.

KSB opposed the rezoning proposal by ELS to construct 628 manufactured homes and 60 RV sites on the 174-acre El Rojo Grande property, and after a groundswell of resident opposition, Yavapai County Planning and Zoning unanimously voted against the proposal. The developer withdrew their offer for the property in February 2019, and it was later purchased by an individual with the intent to live there.

Visit to access the citizen-created website dedicated to opposing El Rojo Grande.

In September 2019, a developer proposed to rezone 282 acres of land near Sedona for the construction of 3,100 units. The plan was revised and later withdrawn. The developer then sought annexation of Spring Creek Ranch by the City of Cottonwood to expedite the eventual annexation of adjacent State Land Trust land. On January 19, 2023, Cottonwood voted to annex the property, along with 11 square miles of National Forest land, which will not change the use of the land. Any future rezoning and development will be evaluated by the City of Cottonwood, and a new proposal is likely to be submitted. Keep Sedona Beautiful will evaluate the proposal in consultation with the Cornville Community Association.

Read the KSB comments about the original Spring Creek Ranch proposal.

In May of 2020 California-based AutoCamp submitted a request to rezone 18.73 acres northwest of Sedona in order to build a commercial lodging establishment consisting of 85 silver Airstream trailers, 10 ‘Park Model” mobile homes and 5 tent sites. 20 of the Airstreams will also have tents, while all 100 units will have a firepit. National Forest surrounds the property with 2 sides bordering the Red Rock/Secret Mountain Wilderness.

While the developer has withdrawn their application for rezoning, they may somehow adjust their proposal and submit a new rezoning request. If they do, Keep Sedona Beautiful will evaluate it, respond to the County and inform our members.

CLICK HERE to read about the AutoCamp Proposal from the KSB Perspective and why we strongly oppose it.

Visit to access the citizen-created website dedicated to opposing AutoCamp.


The Threat of Fire

La Barranca Fire, 2006  photo from Wikimedia Commons

Wildfire is an ever-growing threat to the Verde Valley. The mega-drought we are experiencing has resulted in conditions that pose real and present dangers for residents and visitors. In Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek we have the added problem of limited evacuation routes.

A July 28 2020 article in documented that many of the smaller communities in the American West have a higher wildfire hazard potential than Paradise, California. Paradise was completely burned to the ground by a 2018 fire. Included below is a screenshot of the article analyzing Sedona’s wildfire hazard potential. Please note the following:

  • Of the small towns analyzed, Sedona’s wildfire potential of 3.87 was significantly higher than the median of 2.08.
  • Sedona’s evacuation constraint was so high (2,091) that it fell completely off the chart. The median was 110.0.

This analysis should be the reason for significant concern, highlighting the threat that wildfire poses specifically to Sedona, but also to the entire Verde Valley.

One way to mitigate your risk of wildfire is to contact the Fire Department serving your area to request a Firewise inspection. Most Fire Departments perform these free of charge, educating you on how to decrease fire risk to your home. If you rent or live in an apartment, ask your landlord if they would have a Firewise inspection performed.