The KSB Litter Lifter Program operates year-round, versus one or two seasonal events. Litter lifters pick up trash on their miles at least once a month, with some miles cleaned once a week. The program is permitted through both Yavapai County and the Arizona Department of Transportation. Over 75 individuals clean 50 plus miles of roadway in the Sedona/VOC area. We are not responsible for road litter beyond Sedona High School or the Sedona Art Center on 89A. A KSB quality control team drives the sponsored miles each week to ensure quality. Individual sponsors take pride in their miles, with many sponsoring miles for over 20 years.

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Litter Lifters

A big thanks to all of our current and former KSB Litter lifters!

The KSB Litter Lifter work is done at no cost to taxpayers. Because we favor less sign clutter on our roadways, you may not know that KSB Litter Lifters cover over 50 miles of roadway and nearly the entire length of SR 179. Only a single sign at each end identifies Keep Sedona Beautiful as the official Adopt-A-Highway permittee.


Historically, Keep Sedona Beautiful began in 1972 as a group of concerned citizens acting to prevent the local natural beauty from being marred by signs and roadside litter. A much smaller town then, these enlightened citizens conducted litter lifting duties on their own. Soon after KSB was formed, Barbara Zeschke agreed to manage the KSB litter lifter corps, adopting more and more roadsides and special clean-up events. Along the way, she created the profile of the typical Litter Lifter: someone with great love for Sedona’s beauty, relatively physically fit, and extremely dedicated and responsible. And, to this day, these people have never been hard to find. After 25 years, Barbara retired. Bill Pumphrey took over the program after Barbara, and the KSB litter Lifter Program Program is now headed by KSB Board Trustee PJ Harrison.

Our dedicated KSB Litter Lifters really need everyone’s help not just to prevent litter but to actively remove what does make it to the roadsides.  In fact, we currently need a few good folks to help on a regular or temporary basis.  We provide all the tools; you get all the good feelings from a worthy contribution to our community.

Contact or call us at 928-282-4938 if you are interested in sponsoring a mile.

Keep Sedona Beautiful’s Award Winning Litter Lifters

KSB Litter Lifter Awards

1994 Sedona Sunrise Kiwanis
1995 ADOT- Flagstaff District
1995 KSB Special Recognition
1996 Norman McGee Award
1997 Arizona Governor’s Pride Award
1999 Soroptimist International Award-Woman of Distinction
1999 Red Rock News— Citizen of the year
2002 ADOT multi-state award
2005 Arizona Governor’s Pride Award

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The infographic above gives you a feeling of the impact of our litter lifting program. Click on the image to see a larger version.