yavapai_county_sealYavapai County is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan to cover the next 10 years. This critical document will guide the Planning and Zoning Commission and County Supervisors as they consider development proposals. If you are not yet familiar with the process for updating the Comprehensive Plan, CLICK HERE for an explanation.

To help understand the priorities of the residents of Yavapai County, Keep Sedona Beautiful created and administered a series of surveys to better understand the priorities of residents of Yavapai County.

You can review the results of those surveys by clicking on any of the links below. You will be taken to a Survey Monkey webpage that presents each of the questions in order, showing a graphical depiction of the responses followed by a summary analysis of the results.

This information is being shared with Yavapai County Development Services, the agency responsible for drafting the Comprehensive Plan.

  1. Land Use Survey
  2. Energy Survey
  3. Environmental Survey
  4. Water Resources Survey
  5. Transportation Survey
  6. Cost of Development Survey
  7. Open Space Survey
  8. Growth Areas Survey
  9. Additional Elements Survey