We are very excited about the two Sedona International Dark-Sky Community signs that were installed in January. The Sedona Public Works Department installed the two signs at the following locations:

  1. North bound SR 179 by Christ Lutheran Church of Sedona      
  2. North bound SR 89A by Red Rock High School     

Another sign will be installed north of Uptown.

We thank the City of Sedona for working with ADOT to have the Sedona Dar-Sky Community designation signs installed.

Sedona’s beautiful dark night sky is breathtaking. We can see with our own eyes the beauty and wonder of the Milky Way’s misty band of light (comprised of 200 billion stars!) arching across the night sky.

We can reduce light pollution by:

  • Using light only where needed, when needed, and no brighter than needed
  • Preventing light trespass to the sky, to neighboring properties, and to areas not requiring lighting
  • Use bulbs no brighter than necessary
  • Use amber LEDs, not white.

Enjoy our magnificent night sky!