Preserving the Wonder

The Keep Sedona Beautiful Speaker Series hosts monthly presentations on subjects of community interest that are aligned with the Keep Sedona Beautiful Mission to Preserve the Wonder.

The Preserving the Wonder Speaker Series is sponsored by our KSB Business Sponsors at the Thunder Mountain, Wilson Mountain, and Cathedral Rock sponsorship level. These events are held at 5:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise noted) beginning in September and ending in May. Appetizers, snacks and beverages will be served, admission is free and open to the public, donations are appreciated. Speaker Series visitors may sign up for membership at this event.


Past presentations include:


Wednesday February 12, 2020, Tim Hauk, Peregrine Fund, “Hear One of the Greatest Conservation Stories of the Century

Wednesday January 8, 2020, Brian Petersen, PHD., NAU, “Climate Change, Myths, and the search for Real Solutions


Wednesday November 13, 2019, Darren McCollum, Meteorologist from NOAA, Climate Change


Wednesday October 9, 2019, Marcos Roybal, Fossil Creek Project Coordinator, Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District, “Fossil Creek – Management and Opportunities


Wednesday September 11, 2019, Jeff Hall, “Dark Skies, New Research and New Outreach:  All the News from Lowell Observatory

Wednesday May 8, 2019, Hugh Denno, film screening, “Viva La Verde.”

Wednesday April 10, 2019, EARTH DAY!  Lynne Nemeth, Executive Director, The Arboretum at Flagstaff, will present “Climate Change and Our Local Landscape.”

Wednesday March 13, 2019, Betsy Klein, Founder Plan B to Save Wolves, “Saving Wolves, Saving Ourselves.”


Wednesday February 13, 2019, Janie Agyagos, Wildlife Biologist with the US Forest Service, “Fauna of the Verde Valley.”

Wednesday January 9, 2019, Mike Ward, a KSB Trustee,  “Sedona’s Story in Her Rocks”


Wednesday, November 14. Janeen Trevillyan, “Sedona’s Architectural Past-A Trip by Time Machine.”

Wednesday, October 10, Nicole Branton, Red Rock District Ranger, “The State of the Red Rocks.”

Wednesday September 12, 2018 Ted Grussing, Avid Photographer, “Meandering Northern Arizona


Thursday August 2, 2018 Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism, “Sustainable Tourism in Sedona”


Wednesday May 9, 2018 Justin Clifton, City Manager of Sedona, “The Evolution of Sustainability in Sedona.”


Wednesday April 11, 2018 Nancy Steele, the new Executive Director of Friends of the Verde River, “Why We Should Care About the Verde River”


Wednesday March 14, 2018 Author & historian Lisa Schnebly Heidinger, “Excerpts from ‘The Journal of Sedona Schnebly'”


Wednesday February 14, Charles Visser, Geologist, “Red Lava Among the Red Rocks:  Volcanoes of the Mogollon Rim


Wednesday January 10, 2018, Don Fries, Bev Bow and Jon Thompson of Healthy World Sedona, “The Impact of Animal Agriculture on Sustainability

Darren McCollumd, “The 2017 Hurricane Season to Date


Nicole Branton, District Ranger “Update–The USFS Red Rock District

Dr. Michael Crimmins, Climate Science Extension Specialist for Arizona Cooperative Extension, “Arizona Climate:  Past, Present and Future September 13


Dr. Jeffrey Hall, Director of Lowell Observatory, “Dark Skies in the LED Era

MatthewGoodwin     Goodwin.philosophy.sculpture

Dr. Matthew Goodwin, NAU prof Phenomenology, Aesthetics, 20th Century Philosophy “Global Warming: A Philosophical Approach

Ken Zoll     CVMeteorite

Ken Zoll, Verde Valley Archaeology Center, “Use of Meteorites among Ancient Native American Cultures”

BellRockAntiqueBW     CoffeePotAntique

Janeen Trevillyan, Sedona Heritage Museum, “A History of Sedona: How the Early Days Made Us.”

Sustainability Alliance     Sustainable Business

Darcy Hitchcock, “The Sustainable Alliance”

 RogerClark BEAN MG2 61093     Grand Canyon Trust logo

Roger Clark, Program Director Grand Canyon Trust, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

Nicole Branton2     Forest Service signage

Ranger Nicole Branton, “Update – State of the Red Rocks”

Jennifer Martin    watersurvey by water sentinels

Jennifer Martin, “The Arizona Water Sentinels Program

Grussing Ted     CloudsOverSedona Grussing

Ted Grussing, “Perspectives:  Sedona and Northern Arizona through the Eye and Lens of Ted Grussing

M20 Triffid Nebula     JD Scopes

JD Maddy, “Under the Dark Skies of Sedona


Janie Agyagos, “Rare Species of the Verde Valley”

susie reed 2014      play me a song c susie reed

Susie Reed, in honor of Arizona Archaeology & Heritage Month, “The Fine Art of Preservation

Dena Greenwood, “The Magic of Migration

SusanPitcairn     The Sustainability Imperative

Susan Pitcairn, “Change Your Diet, Change the World


Sedona Recycles     Sedona Recycles

Jean Turocy, Director of Education and Community Outreach for Sedona Recycles on “Recycling Right: Everyday Contributions to a Healthy Environment

Shadows     Puffed with Pride

                                                                                                 Photos By:  Loren Haury

Loren Haury and Diane Phelps Budden on “The Un-Common Raven”

doemountaintrail     fossilbridge

Nicole Branton, Red Rock Ranger District on

 “Mudslides, Waterfalls, and Sustainable Recreation: The Year in Good Work and Tough Problems on the Red Rock Ranger District.”

Dagget deep ravine2     grasses junipers

Dan Dagget on “What We as Individuals Can Do to Protect Sedona’s Fragile Lands“.

Russell Dunn     RattlesnakeDunn

Russell Dunn on “Reptiles & Arachnids

plastics 1     Bag-It-trash

KSB and the City of Sedona present the film “Bag It”!

Ross Hawkins     broad billed.RossHawkins

Dr. Ross Hawkins on “Sedona’s Hummingbirds: Sedona’s Treasures; doing their part to keep Sedona beautiful”

Cadwell Blue Horsehead Nebula     Cadwell M33 The Triangulum Galaxy

                                                      Photos By: Mike Cadwell

Mike Cadwell, “Looking Off Into Space:  The Dark Skies of Sedona

Emily Renn at PD colony     SWCCwolf by Nathan Renn

                                                                                      Photo By:  Nathan Renn

Emily Renn, “Little Red Riding Hood Lied: The Real Tale of Wolves in Arizona”

Derek von Briesen     Cathedral Sunset by Derek von Briesen

                                                 Photo By: Derek von Briesen

Derek von Briesen, “Sedona’s Seasonal Wonderland” slideshow

John Purkis The Natural Step     The Natural Step

John Purkis, “The Value Sustainability Can Offer to Our Lives

Jamee Reddell Water Rights Oct 2014     vonBriesen water

                                                                    Photo By: Derek von Briesen

Jammee Reddell “Do You Know Your Water Rights?

Paolo Sustainable Architecture     TERRITORIAL ARCHITECTURE

“Paolo” AKA Paul Scardina, Architect, “Territorial Dwellings:  Architecture to Create Sustainable Dwellings

Nicole Branton2     usfs

Nicole Branton, Red Rock District Ranger, “State of the Forest and the Slide Fire

dena greenwood2014     yellow headed blackbird by stewart boots  Photo by: Stewart Boots

Dena Greenwood, “Birding the Sedona Wetlands

sbf denali and starr.sept.2013    sbf group session.11.19.13  Photos Furnished by Soldier’s Best Friend

Starr Ladehoff, “Soldier’s Best Friend ~Helping Our Veterans and Shelter Dogs

 Condor_Reintroduction     californiacondor  Photo Furnished by Chris Parish, Peregrine Fund

Chris Parish, “California Condor Reintroduction

jeffrey hall     dct jeff hall  Photos Furnish By Jeffrey Hall

Jeffrey Hall, “Lowell Observatory’s Newest Eye on the Sky: The Discovery Channel Telescope”

janie agyagos bat     janie agyagos eagle  Photos Furnished by Janie Agyagos

Janie Agyagos, “Rare Species in the Verde Valley”

susie reed photo     taking flight c susie reed   Photo By:  Susie Reed 

Susie Reed, “Art & Education, as Tool for Preservation”

denagreenwood  roadrunner_tedgrussing Photo by: Ted Grussing

Dena Greenwood, “Roadrunners, Quali and Other Sedona Birds”

tom ohalleran

KSB President, Tom O’Halleran “Knowledge Flows into Action:  Sustaining Our Watershed Into the Future”

scaffolding_zoll     zoll_vbarvPhotos courtesy of Ken Zoll

Ken Zoll, “New Findings: “Ancient Astromnomy of Central Arizona”

black-tailed_rattlesnake     sonoran_mountain_king_snake courtesy photos Dennis Jex

Dennis Jex, “Close Encounters of the Reptilian Kind

Chris_Anderson    Marianna_Hartsong     Ryan_Matson

Chris Anderson, Marianna Hartsong and Ryan Matson of the

Sedona Slow Water Team, “Rainwater Recycling”

mikepeach          rock_art_5 courtesy photos

Mike Peach, “Rock Art – Getting Beyond What It Means!”

mountain-lion-montana courtesy photo

Lee Luedecker with Arizona Game & Fish, “Mountain Lions”


Brad Lancaster, “Desert Harvesters – Native Foods

roy_julian courtesy photo

Roy Julian, President of the Friends of the Forest, “Primitive Tools, Sandals and Tools

amyhelfrich2          beecactuscourtesy photos

Amy Helfrich, “Honeybees in the Verde Valley”

 great_horned_owl-ga-azgfd courtesy photo

Sarah Reif, “Owls- Messengers of Wizards and Witches- Signs of the Underworld

Janie_Agyagos          Tadarida_brasiliensis_bat courtesy photos

Janie Agyagos, USFS Biologist, “Bats in the Verde Valley