After each census, states engage in redistricting to reflect their changed population demographics. Arizona is fortunate to have an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) that is charged with this task.
The IRC is currently working to create new districting maps by the end of 2021. The IRC proposes maps for both US Congressional districts and for Arizona State Legislature districts. The IRC solicits citizen input prior to finalizing either of these important maps. The final maps will be in place for the next ten years.
Keep Sedona Beautiful believes that one of the most effective ways for citizens to influence government decisions is through voting. “Communities of Interest” are regional areas in which citizens frequently share common concerns and priorities. We feel that the Verde Valley should be one such Community of Interest. We believe that any map that splits apart towns or Communities of Interest is inappropriate. This is a non-partisan position that we believe reflects our mission “to protect and sustain the unique scenic beauty and natural environment of the Greater Sedona Area.”
The most recent iteration of the proposed Arizona Legislative Districts map:
·     Splits Sedona at Airport Road
·     Splits Sedona across Route 179
·     Splits the Village of Oak Creek from Sedona
·     Places large parts of the Verde Valley in a district with Prescott
·     Splits Sedona and the Verde Valley from Flagstaff
·     Fails to keep the Verde Valley together as a Community of Interest
You can click on THIS LINK to view the most recent proposed Arizona Legislative District map. Unfortunately, the map available from the IRC can be challenging to interpret, but KSB has been unable to find a better map.
The most recent iteration of the proposed US Congressional District map folds Prescott and Payson into the same district as the Verde Valley.
You can click on THIS LINK to view the most recent proposed US Congressional District map. This map is more understandable than the map for Legislative Districts.
THIS EDITORIAL in the Red Rock News describes the issues well.
We urge you to play your part in redistricting by contacting the IRC now and letting them know what you think about the current proposals by clicking on THIS LINK.