We urge you to become familiar with the critical OHV problem and to communicate to the Forest Service your support of a limited entry permit system. You can email the Coconino National Forest at: SM.FS.Cof_Webmail@usda.gov. You can also fill out a contact form found at the bottom of THIS WEB PAGE.

On October 26, the City of Sedona held a meeting at which the City Council discussed possible action regarding regulation of Off-Highway Vehicles within the Sedona City limits and the surrounding area. You can watch a recording of that session here.

The Council unanimously approved a formal letter to the Supervisor of the Coconino National Forest “requesting that the USFS implement a limited entry permit system for motorized use trails in the greater Sedona area, similar to the permit system implemented at Soldier’s Pass.” You can read that letter here. We applaud the City for taking this action!

The Save Bear Mountain group has posted videos of the damage and recklessness northwest of Sedona on their YouTube channel. CLICK HERE to view them. Residents in the Chapel area are working to limit the excessive number of OHVs that drive the Broken Arrow OHV trail at all hours, disrupting the neighborhood.

If you think the damage and disruption is bad now, just wait until the new generation of electric OHVs hit the trails. THIS VIDEO from a YouTuber with 4.65 million followers shows how the public is being ‘educated’ on OHV use.  It truly needs to be seen to be believed! Comments in his web page included: “Looks so unbelievably fun!”, “This was awesome!! I needed this today”.

If you think this problem is isolated to Sedona, this YouTube video, and this one will give you an idea of what’s happening elsewhere.