Beginning in 1992, KSB has advocated for diversified and affordable housing. Over the decades it has become increasingly more expensive to afford housing for both renters and homeowners. We’ve also urged for more hiking and biking paths while continuing to work on finding solutions for traffic congestion.

Our commitment to preserving and protecting open spaces and public land has never wavered. We urged citizens to contribute to updating the Forest Service Management Plan and helped form an alliance opposed to land trades. We have long advocated for adequate funding for the US Forest Service. 

In 1996, we formed the Land Preservation Task Force that over the subsequent years raised over $18 million dollars to purchase 513 acres of sensitive land, which was then donated to the National Forest. KSB played a pivotal role in creating Amendment 12 of the Forest Service Plan. Since the adoption of Amendment 12 and its eventual incorporation directly into the Coconino National Forest Management Plan, land trades on approximately 160,000 acres in the Sedona area have been prohibited.

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