During our second decade KSB became more active in the area of public land protection, providing input to the National Forest Management Plan and opposing the rash of land trades where developers swapped their open space for national forest land that could be more profitably developed. Similarly, we supported smart sustainable development while vigorously opposing inappropriate development proposals.

In 1984, Oak Creek was designated a “Unique Arizona Water” and Hwy 89A through Oak Creek was designated Arizona’s first “Scenic Road”. Both initiatives were championed vigorously by KSB.

We’ve also been a vocal advocate for making the Verde Valley a more sustainable and more beautiful place to live. In 1982, KSB strongly supported creation of a sanitary district which was approved on July 19, 1982. While the initial referendum to incorporate Sedona itself was defeated in 1985, a second referendum was overwhelmingly passed on December 2, 1987, with Sedona incorporating in 1988.

Incorporation marked a turning point for Sedona. Many of the informal roles played by KSB would now be codified into law by the city. KSB cooperated with the newly formed City of Sedona by providing advice and assistance.

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