All Photos by Max Licher

 image003      2014npwflower     coryphantha vivipara 2013 

Native Plant Workshop Handouts

2019 “The Medicine All Around Us: Six Common Aromatic Plants of the Verde Valley and their Essential Oils” by Clare Licher

Bokashi Bin Inoculated Bran Recipe

Bokashi Make Activated EM-1

2017 “Water-Wise Landscaping” by Chris Jensen

2017 “What is Invasive – What is Native?” by Bill McDorman

2017 “Compost vs. Mulch” by Jeff Schalau

2017 “Polinators Not Just Butterflies and Bees” by Janie Agyagos

2015 “Forest Health Conditions Report” by Bob Celaya

2014 “Forest Health Conditions Report” by Bob Celaya 

2014 “Landscaping with Natives without Attracting Nuisance Wildlife,” by Janie Agyagos